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Discover the Amazing Benefits of Raw Honey

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We take great pleasure in offering our customers 100% pure maple syrup, produced in Alliston Ontario by the Breedon Family. A small family agriculture business like our own.


Raw honey has been used for several centuries as a sweetening agent for food as well as a medical substance.

What makes Raw Honey so special?

Raw Honey is as pure as it gets and comes direct from the honeycomb. Pasteurized honey undergoes heat treatment to remove crystallization and extend shelf life. It also improves the texture & colour. Unfortunately, the natural nutrients from which we can benefit are also destroyed.

Ancient societies used honey as a treatment for stomach ailments, fevers, skin sores and burns and healing wounds.

Honey contains antioxidants that help to fight inflammation and  reduce risk of cancer. It can also lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This incredible natural food can even help you decrease body weight.

Our Pure RAW Unpasteurized Ontario Wildflower Honey is produced by our bees right here in Southern Ontario. Every individual jar of honey represents a snapshot of floral availability at the time of collection, in a given season. It’s always unique and always delicious!

If you’re interested in trying the raw honey experience, you will want to buy local. 

At Pioneer Brand, we have been producing Farm Fresh Honey and Hive products in Ontario since 1930.